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Sod Varieties

Sod Varieties

U3 Bermuda

  • Most common grass in Oklahoma
  • Durable, cold and heat tolerant, rapid growth
  • Requires full sun
  • Turns dormant below 50F

Heartland Supreme Fescue

  • Beautiful dark green, “cool season grass”
  • Good heat tolerance, very good cold tolerance
  • 70% shade, requires 30% filtered or direct sunlight
  • Stays green year round if well maintained

Meyers Z52 Zoysia

  • Flexible, “warm season grass”
  • Cold and heat tolerant
  • Does well in 50/50 shade/sun
  • Turns dormant below 55F

Northbridge Bermuda

  • Liked for its improved cold hardiness over U3
  • Early spring green
  • Texture similar to Tifway

Action Turf installs sod grown and cut by Easton Sod Farms, based in Bixby, Oklahoma. For a full list of turf grasses available, please check out their website.

The Oklahoma State Extension Office is a great resource for homeowners in Oklahoma. They have information on how to pick a grass that is best for your lawn, as well as maintenance and trouble shooting tips. We recommend having your soil tested by the extension office, prior to having sod installed.